Public Relations and Protocol

The general aim of the Directorship of Public Relations and Protocol is; to inform the general public about the general policies of the institution and its benefits to society, and to transfer the public’s opinion to the institutional management by providing systematical communication.

In addition to this, Public Relations has also the aim of creating a positive image in the general public, ensuring the continuity of this image, increasing the prestige of the university and supplying reliance and support to the university.

The Directorship of Public Relations and Protocol;

  • Provides internal and external communication according to the aims and mission of the universi
  • İnforms the university staff and general public about the university
  • Organizes panels, conferences, seminars, exhibitions, competitions, excursions, concerts, celebrations and meetings
  • Makes internal and external announcements to the target audience about these activities
  • Creates lounge seating plan for Izmir A protocol and Academic protocol in the organizations and organizes the order of welcoming and seeing-off these protocol guests.
  • Sends congratulatory letter to the relevant places in case of official assignment, the task changes etc.
  • Organizes the order of sending flowers and wreathes for ceremonies such as openings, celebrations and funerals etc.
  • Keeps the gifts that are sent to the rectorate and supplies the gifts that are given in the protocol meeting.
  • Gives necessary information and makes presentations about the university by participating in fairs during the year.
  • Maintains design and appropriate use of the exhibition stand and promotional materials in education fairs and presentation days
  • Organizes presentation meetings about the university for target groups
  • Makes the processes of text, photo, design, printing and distribution of all printed and visual materials( journal, brochure, catalogues, promotional materials, presentation book, handbooks etc) for the presentation of the university. It updates these documents if it is necessary
  • Sends the congratulatory letter and promotion materials on official and religious holidays and new year’s day
  • Is responsible for archiving the printed documents and visual materials.
  • Present the institutional identity of the university and a positive image to the general public